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Customer Appreciation Program Suggestion


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I would like to make a suggestion request:


Make it so that if someone spends X amount of money with you they can bypass manufacture times without a platinum charge for a limited time.  


According to Steam I have over 500 hours in this game.  I started around this time last year when Nekros was introduced.  I didn't lose most of my momentum playing Warframe until a month or two ago but I come back for all the events.  And I tend to buy platinum when the 50% login reward pops up.  I treated myself to the Nyx Prime bundle, having farmed all but 4 warframes in the game (I bought one of those femme fatale packs originally).  I have always wanted a Prime bundles and since Nyx is probably my favorite frame, this seemed as good as time as any to treat myself.


The thing is, I did this after around a month break.  I always intended to come back, but playing other games is good too. This last week was an overtime week at my job and this next one will be one too.  I know you guys work a lot of overtime too and probably have more of a tolerance for it than me.  But I can relate to having projects that have to absolutely be done by this date and working through an entire night to get there. My job is nowhere near as cool but I'm I like it alright none the less.  

I'm now presented with a situation where I just spent a bunch of money and really want to play the archwing missions this weekend since I won't be able to play it until November but can't unless I pay 50 platinum to speed the manufacturer process.  I know I obviously have the platinum now but I was hoping to live off that platinum for 6 months to a year.  


I know you don't want to create an environment where people pay to win or feel blatantly pressed to spend a bunch of money, and I'm willing to bet bypassing manufacturer times for players that regularly buy platinum wouldn't upset the balance.  

I should also mention I played around a year, clocked more hours than in Skyrim, and spent less money than I did on Skyrim and its subsequent DLC's (Legendary $150 + $20 + $10 + $20).  I love Warframe.  I spend money because I want to support Warframe.  The extra colors, armor, and such are just bonuses on top of it all.  But man I was excited about Archwing.  Still am, just bummed and really not into spending platinum on speeding manufacturer times.

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Your suggestion is a bit difficult. Warframe Platinum spending is circled around convenience, and spending spending real money to get the same.



By implementing this, DE would hurt themselfs in the long run and there wouldnt be any point in having rush options in game.

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