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Arbites Of Hexis: Tenno Faction ?


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I`ve been checking each faction and recently I kept wondering if the Arbites wouldn`t be a tenno faction, the Red Vail and the New Loka are possible factions as well but they dont fit as much as the Arbites. 

Not only that but the way they speak in their introduction video cleary show that, if even if they are not actualy Tenno they do are related to them in some way.

Now if turns out they are what I belive they are that will possibly awnser some old questions related to the Tenno, one of them, but not the most important, the capacity of speak.

Does anyone have any other evidence that might suggest otherwise ? Or have more info about it ? I checked both wiki and the syndicate page in the website  and unfortnatly  couldnt find anything more important to futher comprove this speculation. 

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I'm currently sided with the arbiters for that burston prime mod. +80% fire rate and +1 'TRUTH'. I really want to know what 'TRUTH' is, and then unleash some 'TRUTH' onto my enemies.


Every time you shoot them with the burston a speaker on the side shouts at the enemy an insult - e.g. for the grineer it would be 'you're ugly' and they will be offended by this blunt truth, stunning them and has a chance for the affected to be forced to flee

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