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Sugatras On Heat Swords Reeeeally Tiny.....


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Just noticed the Sugatras on my Heat Swords are really really tiny. So tiny that I almost forgot they were equiped. You can barely see them. Then when I was trying to take a screen shot of them my Ash did an idle animation and one of them grew bigger but the other stayed small. 


Not sure if this is a result of the hotfix made to fix the Syndana scaling or not, but it is definitely a bug.

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And the Pazzara Sugatra on the Ceramic Dagger is too big as well. The Bo Prime with the new Vala Sugatra primes are extremely small. Same for the Sugatra on Fang Prime, Dakra Prime.

Other Sugatras are also either slightly oversized, the Pazza being the prime offender, or oddly elongated in the case of the Tantu Sugatras on the Dual Cleavers and a couple other weapons.

EDIT: Add the regular Bo with teeny Daman Sugatras as well. :(

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