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Ordis, I'm Waiting For The Archwing To Build. Stop Bugging Me!


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I have gotten so far along into the Quest to build my Archwing to have all blueprints in my possession.

Once I stepped back onto my ship Ordis, in all his endearing quirkyness, remarked I had them all and that I should start building it. And I did.

But now, every time I load in the Liset, Ordis reminds me again.


What am I waiting for?

I am waiting for the regular crafting process of the foundry to come to an end. And unless Ordis has the Plat to spare for me to rush the jobs, he should kindly shut up.
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Go to audio and turn off Ordis Volume,




That's kinda sad, no?

Ordis' glitchy remarks are part of what makes the ship feel more than a fancy menu interface. If they get so repetitive and irrelevant to the current context that it breaks that little immersion, I would hope it gets adjusted rather than having to mute him; just saying the only solution is to remove his voice entirely only confirms it's a problem.

But I guess I could just mute him until tomorrow, when the build will be done.

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