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Archwing Meh, Patch Overhaul *omfg Ty*


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So Archwing is meh. All the bugs and crap aside. The building process is incredibly lame. Not only is it RNG to find the components (which we were promised it wouldn't be on the last dev stream) which took me 10+ goes, mostly due to the crashing and a little bit to do with RNG (still ended up with 10 wings and only 1 system). But even after finding it, each component will take 6 hours + 35+ hours. I'm extremely unhappy with this decision and I think we all know the devs will lower it or remove the building process given a couple of months for the same logic they used for abilities.

Other components of Archwing are quite... underwhelming. The enemy spawn is no where near finished content level; it should have been fixed up a lot more. Moving around didn't "feel right" for most of the experience (about 95% of it) and the abilities were so bad they were almost a waste of time to even push a button, to be totally honest. Another issue that wasn't foreseen is that due to the bad spawning and strong mobs people are running high armour frames with "archwing builds" to prevent being killed in a couple of bullets. So overall I really couldn't care about Archwing. To me, as a Vet, this is purely another hazard map.

BUT OMFG TY TY TY. The patching in this update was *immense* and made the entire gaming experience so much more enjoyable. I ended up buying the Prime attachments in the Prime access and enough plat to buy Trinity + Opticor because I was *so impressed* by the thorough patching. This, to me, seems to be where the most amount of content has come from over the last 2 days. I'm hoping we'll see more of this... however, I'm not very excited for the next big project which will likely be player hubs, or space cats or some other ridiculous new way of being vain which is so far about 40% of warframes gameplay it just moves too fast for people to even stop and look at each other.

I just wanted to sincerely thank the patching "team" for clearly putting in a lot of work because the Veteran Tenno are in your debt. Hopefully $80 will be plenty for now. Mush luf <3

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I think this update was released far too early...

I assure you, the "HYPETRAIN" is to blame. The devs had to basically write up an entire new game to fit into Warframe in 2 months. I think they've done fine. But I just personally think it was a waste of time. :P

We want to ninja.... to zip around, wall run smoothly while blasting some grineer butt hole, the crap that *got us* into Warframe. Archwing is just another hazard map, I'm calling it. Advanced hazard with more buttons and builds ooOOooOoooo!

Meh who cares! I love my Rhino, my Nekros, my Volt and my new Trinity. The wings would've been a good idea *only if* they capitalized on my Warframe. Using wings to do short bursts through entire hordes of corpus, or to jet pack backwards or do some sustain wall running around the entire map, infinite double jump as long as you hit the ground or a wall in between. Stuff that brings it back to the roots. 

We'll see what the have to offer. To me this is Archwing 0.5

My passion for the Tenno and Warframe relationship is too strong. Very keen to see what the Archwing offers to normal gameplay instead of being 'active' hazard map equivalent build. I'm very keen to see if this offers anything to Trinity and my gameplay as I try to generate somewhat of a story and meaning for her and myself in the Warframe universe as I level up my gear and gather forma to perfectionize all the loadouts traits. In that sense, the Archwing update has offered us little to nothing. Even a Player Hub would've been working off of the heavy vanity side of Warframe which technically 'rewards' players for better loadouts, as you get 'mired by randoms inside the hub. For right now, Trinity will keep her wings and wait and see what the rest of the universe and the devs discover about Warframe. 


Voyager Prismat / Voya-P "voi-yapi" ; A free will robot of similar origins to Cephalon's: housing an enterprise-like 'main objective' as a being. After exploring the Milky Way galaxy with advanced technology for over one million to "go where no man has gone before" discovered the universe-splintering implications of morality. She was to become a Arbiter of Morality; able to speak for all living beings in a single decision; including the Technocyte Virus that Voya-P considers to be alive. During the beginning of the Orokin War, as the virus converted living matter into machine, even the master Orokin Race itself (who Voya-P speculates was robotic), the Voyager Prismatic Trinity frame encountered the hive mind of the virus after extraordinarily difficult negotiations and political movements; showing stern and true peace. Offering her the gift to heal life with a mutated form of the Virus she was sent on a mission to destroy the strongest Orokin Warrior known as a machine fighting for the infested; a mission it accepted on moral conclusions for the well being of the galaxy. Stealing the Orokins powerful armour (of which only the shield generators remain) she accepted the gift from the Technocyte only to destroy it and it's feral horde spanning the entire planet which was renowned for being the most stable large planets in the galaxy... only the immerge once she had finished the fight... today as the Grineer and Corpus war.

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