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Warframe Not Playable After Last Update


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Another one to add on the list of similar complaints.


After downloading the last update last night, the game is not playable on my laptop.


I have a toshiba satellie running w intel core i7 proccessor, 4gb ram and AMD radeon graphics.


The game used to run fine. But since the last update, it takes 15 mins for warframe to just launch on my machine.


Once this happens, I can only go through navigation if I set the game on Solo mode. Trying to get into a game with Public or Friends only modes doesn't work. Game freezes. Walking around in my ship, going to the arsenal and foundry, game freezes with every step. 


Archwing being the new new, i think its just bugs. Downloaded latest patches today (like an hour ago) and now its gotten worse. Stil 15 mins for the game to load to the login screen. And then, even on solo mode, its takes 10 mins for any match to load up. Like I am on Solo mode, i go to nav and choose a random planet and a node on the planet. And then I sit and wait for 10 mins while my ship is flying in space waiting for the game to load. 


Absolutely frustrating. Slowly,i am loosing interest in this game. 


Patiently waiting for the issues to be fixed. 



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Another reason why this update is one big ugly mess, and should have been released a few weeks from now...

Even though more times means more polish

when you really think about

there will still be bugs

without us, they wouldnt be able to find them

so its good to complain because someone else out there might have the same exact problem


its like if you build a bookshelf

no matter how much you screw in the bolts, no matter how much you look up how to build that bookself

you wont know if the bookshelf is stable until you start putting books on it


edit: also if no one really gives you an answer to your problem


I would suggest using support



also you will want to give them your dxdiag file

I go to support alot and they are super helpful so I always suggest them when you are at wit's end

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