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My Case For The Arbiters Of Hexis. Basically, Propaganda.


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Are you a tool, Tenno?

The rest of the system treats us like one.  The Orokin certainly did.  We are powerful beings that can accomplish great things.  This makes our services lucrative for those who care to hire us.  But when our jobs are complete, when we have no use to our employers, what happens to us?

We get hidden away.  Killed.  Otherwise disposed of.

Why is this?

Because you see yourselves as nothing more than Warriors.  Killers.  But you can be so much more.  You can be independent, and self sustaining together.


People also fear our power.  They'd rather have us be put to quick use and then put back in our cryopods.  We can only truly trust each other.

Only though strict discipline and the pursuit of truth can you become something greater than the Orokin wanted you to be.  They ingrained in us the warrior mentality, that we are nothing more than soldiers.  They feared our power, and so limited our potential.  But we are so much more -- our affinity for the void tells us this.


Our powers have more uses than martial ones.  We are a species, a people - not mere soldiers.

We are the next step of human evolution.  We are Tenno, and we must master ourselves and master the void.  Even if others only want you to be the knife that slits the throats of their enemies.

Become greater, Tenno.

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I'm a tool meant to decapitate and mutilate anyone who's been crossing my path of power and glory.


Failure to see this simple thinking means you failed as a Tenno.


Red Veil engulfs all.


Another propaganda.

And I have to ask, what will the Red Veil do with you once you've cleansed away their enemies?

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Greetings fellow arbiter.

It is good see truth spoken on this public forum. We Tenno are not just tools of destruction, categorized as warriors. We lack our memories, but we know that we were and are more because of this.

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I fail to fathom fellow Tennos who enjoy being treated as tools.


No matter how great a tool you are, you are still, just a tool.

And will be disposed of, once your usefulness is over.


Just like we once were.


I for one, refuse to let history repeat itself.

I for one, decided to start to pave my path for my own destiny.

I am a Tenno, I am more than the world ever thought I am.

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