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Hacking Terminals/systems Bug



Hello Tenno. Before I say anything, I am pretty sure this is in the wrong area and I'm not sure if anyone has talked about this or not, but I haven't seen anything about it yet.


Anyways... I just did the Argon Crystal alert on Thon - Ceres. There are 4 terminals you must hack in order to get the data mass, and there seemed to be a new hacking system in place. I thought it was a cool idea and added more difficulty to the clicking the boxes and moving them to match and liked it a lot at first. However, after my first one I ended up being left with the bright orange light on my screen the ENTIRE mission. I ended up doing 4 total hacks, which were on 3 of the terminals or systems or whatever they are called, and one was on another system to unlock the doors. Throughout the 4 hacks, the light stayed.




I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or if it's just me, I just wanted to get feedback and report it. The only way I found out to get rid of it was to go invisible with Loki, and my Huras Kubrow made it disappear for as long as I was cloaked, but it would return right when I wasn't invisible.


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