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Accelerant Changed Or Bugged?


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With U15 I noticed Ember's Accelerant changed...


I think the smokey effect is new which i like, but there's something different about its mechanic.


Accelerant as we know has a radial stun effect, and spamming Accelerant if you choose to will keep enemies stun locked.


Now... If an enemy is already afflicted by Accelerant's debuff, any further casts of Accelerant will not stun the target: meaning you can only stun once per enemy - or until the enemies live through the whole debuff and I assume u can stun them once again.


I dont know if this is a bug or not because I can't find it in update/hotfix notes.


It's kinda an Ember gameplay changer now, especially when fighting tougher enemies where I rely a lot on spamming several Accelerants if I can't kill high damage enemies in like less than 3 seconds.

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It does have the initial stun... Accelerant always was: short stun, along with the debuff that lasts several seconds.


In U15, it's turned into: *use Accelerant once* enemy gets stunned and debuff applied... *use Accelerant a second time* enemy does not get stunned - maybe the debuff is reapplied idk


This change doesnt show up in any notes, so Im wondering if it's a bug

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Yes this thing happened on the release of the U15 and I hope this it's just a bug and not a nerf, actually Ember needs a buff and not a nerf and nerfing this ability it's gonna make for her impossible survive on high level missions cause of the fact that we do not have anything for survive at that level(low shield, speed and no real CC/Damage Output) except spamming this ability for keep Ember alive, so I just hope this is a bug and I hope they'll fix it soon or made a complete revamp on her abilities which I hope since many time.

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