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U15.0.4 - No Control Panel In Europa Boss Room Causes Incomplete Missions


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Actually there are two major glitches with the new boss room tile set on the ice planet (Naamah mission). 


1. Made my way to the boss room and while fighting the boss, another Corpus AI decided to trip the alarm which closed the doors and locked me in. After killing the boss, I hunted for 5 min trying to find the access panel to hack the alarm. It doesn't appear to exist in the boss room. Nothing showed up on the mini-map to give even a hint as to where to go. This lead to problem #2


2. To the left when you enter the boss room, there a place as you head to the edge of the map that will cause the map to re-spawn you. However, it does not re-spawn you to a better place inside the boss room. Instead it spawns you back at the beginning of the map. Very frustrating...


Now you would think that getting re-spawned back at the beginning of the map would allow me to find a control panel and hack the alarm... but it didn't. Nothing but a closed and locked door at the beginning. Double frustrating.

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