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Archwing Interception Clipping Glitch



I'm trying to do the Archwing missions, specifically the inception around Earth. The mission proceeds as expected, fighting, capturing towers, ect. Everyone already knows the style. But in my last three attempts, when I've used a charge melee against a mook near a ship's hull, my Warframe gets attached to the hull and I can't escape. When I try to replicate the same maneuverer to get out, my Warframe reacts as if I've slammed into an object.


When I do avoid this problem, mooks have been clipped into asteroids preventing me from eliminating them and completing the set.


Mercifully, I've completed several elimination missions without so much as a hitch.


Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Stay away from any structures especially that huge broken pipe looking thingy. Get close within 100m and use your number 4 skill if mobs are stuck in things. I'll take screenshot and report the problem if im stuck again. 


You can get stuck in Sabotage missions too if you hit the frames coming from the floor and ceiling in narrow pipeline thingy corridors. 

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I remembered that the rockets (power 3) can hurt your allies so I tested and it can hurt yourself as well. This means if you got a mod you really want to get and you got energy siphon, you can go next to a solid structure while stuck inside something and fire the missiles so you die and can revive possibly outside the structure. That's how I got out.


Also got Onorix handle cause of this :D

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