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Breaking Cracked Outer Window No Longer Triggers Doors


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I played a survival mission on Mars (in a Corpus ship tileset) and I broke one of the cracked windows on the outside of the ship.   The glass broke, the air rushing out into space was visible, and the alarm went off but the doors did not come down nor was the vacuum of space damaging us.   Since the doors did not come down the console to cover the windows did not activate which means the alarm was active for the entire mission.   I broke a few windows after the first one and none of them triggered the doors.


This bug is new in U15.

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Yep found this out today on a public match. Went to try it on other maps (solo) and had the same results. The only thing that did work was the alarm sound alarm lights didn't go on. No marker to hack the windows, no doors where locked, no damage was taken, and no UI action for lack of oxygen.


Space magic!

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