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Experience Not Being Given


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After a 45min survival, oxygen ran out and i went to extraction but i died a few feet from the extraction point and had to use a revive, once i got the mission complete screen it showed everything unranked and no experience was given, my Opticor grew to lvl 11 soley killing enemies throughout the 45min but back on my ship it literally is back to its starting lvl i went in with, lvl 4.

This has happened before but i never thought much of it, tiny glitch that's rare but running some test runs in survival i went to 5min multiple times then let the oxygen run out. Each time, i let myself die near extraction and multiple other locations, i would always be denied experience for my time. I realized something during, that being i never killed anything after i revived and simply completed the mission, so i tried killing something to give me experience after i revived, to which then i received all the experience for that run.

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