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Minimap Mode Not Persisting After Archwing Update.


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Had a week or two break from Warframe and between then and now I've noticed that running missions, at least the Archwing related ones (haven't tried any others since I last played) have a new problem for me.


I like setting the Minimap mode to be in the middle of the HUD instead of in the upper left corner. At the beginning of the mission I tap "m" to switch the mode, and when I last played, it would stay in the center of the screen for that mission. However, now when I play, I noticed that it will stay in the center of the screen for like 30 or so seconds before reverting back to its default position in the upper left of the screen.

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Second that. We did Exta on Ceres and as usual, grineer maps are pretty damn complicated. Overall I hate when stuff do things I never asked for so please remove this new feature dear DE. Also I think this only happens for clients or just plain not always. Annoying anyways.


Also: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/330420-bug-minimap/?hl=minimap is the same thing.

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