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Ideas Regarding Archwing Possibilities


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Let me note that I am NOT implying that DE has not had ideas like this in the making. I am posting this to inspire and fuel new ideas for a game I love.

First I will start with the Arch Wing itself and some upgrades for it:


Alternate Weapons:




                        -Plasma Whip

                        -Power Fist

                        -Dual Swords


                        -Laser Rifle

                        -Rocket Launcher

                        -Rail Gun



Additional Mods

            -Item siphon/ pickup

            -Aura-like mods

            -Syndicate specific mods


Alternate Arch Wing Models

            -Support: (Like a trinity)


-Stalker specific Arch Wing (He drops the parts for it in Arch Wing missions. Possible name: Reaper)

-Trap Master (Like a Vauban. Maybe can lay mines or nets)


I would love the feedback and to hear what you all think!

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