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Help Me Please !


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( Hello, I am French thus I am going to use a translation software to speak to you, thus if you do not understand anything one that a sentence makes no sense, I give you my excuses)

Since the Putting has in the daytime, when I throw my game, its walking during 2 minutes and all at once, there is another screen of the game which appears smaller, in my screen of the basic game !
And when I wants to enlarge the second screen of the game which its put makes his me bug, gets back his me to the office and says to his to me Waframe has bug! Help I!

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I understood something, but there are French community forum here, post it in french to the french sub-forums.



(Postez le même poste dans le sous-forum français, vous obtiendrez votre problème mieux comprendre il. Et je suis désolé, je suis en utilisant la traduction d'écrire ce)

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