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Tenno Gear Rising - Featuring Excalibutt And Grinning Pooch


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Metal Gear is fun.




Alabaster Thinker:

Behold! What mysteries lie within that helmet? What troubles beyond that? No man may know.




Based on this:



Here's some poor linework with decent shading I did at the request of a friend:



Based on this, by Drat333:



For old times' sake:


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I knew something was off, after the Orokin, after the Sentients

I thought i could walk off the battlefield and be at peace, away from the blood.

But here i am, surrounded by death, the rest i deserved taken from me only to become the toy of another


I told myself that this was about balance, about protecting the weak

But i was wrong...


All this is a wake up call to what i was made for, what i really am.


This is my nature.

i can't escape it.

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