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Default Soma Colors Bugged And New Huntsman Soma Skin Bugged As Well


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Hi all !




Like a lot of Tenno I encountered some color issues with the SOMA.
I saw a lot of posts about it on the forum, so I don’t repeat that's been already said.


The second problem with the SOMA is the new HUNTSMAN skin.
The texture of the skin does not apply correctly on the clip and some time on the entire weapon


Different scenarios happen :
1/ Beginning of the mission : no problem everything match, after a few minutes or few reloads the skin clip texture disappears and show the original one (bugged ATM)

2/ Beginning of the mission : the skin clip texture is strait bugged, and show the original one

3/ Beginning of the mission : the entire weapon show strange colors


And another bug : sometimes the SOMA clip disappears during or after a reload sequence (this problem has already been fixed in the last update before the 15 update). This bug seems to be coming back.


So, I am sure you got a lot of work with the huge 15 update you just released, but can you fix it please ? This weapon is my favorite =)


Good luck !


Thanks in advance DE !



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