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Fairly Cosmetic? The Sigils


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Okay i understand that I have to "wear" a Sigil to gain Reputation. I got no problem with that fact but the sigil is way to big (yes i scaled it down to the smales size). I had somethign like the Star Trek crews sigils in mind: Small, accessoire like and placed on the left side of the chest. Impossible to do that its just some ugly painting on your frame that doe not fit into the color scheme at all. Especiall if you use Immortal Skins.




Wear it like the badges.

We all got two shoulders so 1 for the thing we'd like to show and the other for collecting rep. would be fine right?


Let us scale it smaller

Like I mentioned the small sign over the chest would be a great way to accentuate a warframe. The hug eposter like image it is now is just disturbing the color design imho.


Invisible color

Well this would certainly miss the point of showing allegiance but its what i do now, kinda. I chose tha standart color of ma warframe and placed it on the back behind my wuiver and Syandana so no one sees. It misses the point of showing allegiance completely yes. But with an invisible color you'd juts have to pick the color and done. You qouldn't have to search a spot where no one can see the thing.




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