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(Still) Impossible To Buy Platinum Via Paypal


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Can anyone tell me why there's no "Pay with PayPal" button like it used to be? Now you have to fill the whole form and stuff, and it doesn't seem to recognize certain letters, therefore I can't purchase Platinum.


On PayPal I am Łukasz from Wrocław, but since the form doesn't seem to treat Ł as a valid letter, I have to input Lukasz from Wroclaw. And this does not match what is on my PayPal account...


Seriously, if you don't want my money just say so, no need to go around and make the purchasing impossible...




And - yes - I submitted a ticket to the payment provider.


Well over two weeks ago.


No, I haven't received any response.


Yes, I submitted the ticket to DE as well. [DE]Seline and [DE]Tomasz tried to help me as they could, but to no avail.


No, I won't charge my Steam account and pay via this. I don't want to use 21 PLN while I can use only 8.97 (2.70$ pack after 75% off)


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