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Ember Neck Is Acting Weird


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Sometimes her head stay in place and the neck moves, even during missions.

Looks like it happens more often with primes using non-prime helmet.




And I still think that her head isn't supposed to turn like that, in the end.


And about the music, I'm sorry! I was listening Tenacious D and forgot to pause D:

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For half a mission my nekros had his syandana hanging off the side of his face as though he were looking to the left, for the other half of the mission... well, he WAS looking to the left. My Excalibur and Nyx also had a strange desire to look to the left as well.

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Uum dude that video was far too loud, and i noticed the point you made that the warframes keeps staring at hack consoles and majority of the time their head goes to unreasonable angles





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