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U15, Bugs And You


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Hello, after playing the U15 for a while i have come across a few bugs, let me list em up here that need attention.

1. On interception missions enemies are able to fly past a point, activate the capture ability. Which is shown by a big shield and a beam connecting the enemy and the point. They are able too do this and yet capture it even if they fly miles away from that point. Which ends in countless times where enemies have a beam across the map and end up capturing the point from all the way there.


2. Enemies getting stuck in walls/debris. This is a big problem, sometimes the enemies pop out for a second so you can kill them, but sometimes they don't yielding in a mission where you can't complete it. 


3. Melee enemies which are close by a wall or object. Now this, is one of the big game breaking bugs, where as when you melee a enemy close by a wall you end up being sucked into it. What happens then is that you get killed instantly due too clipping, or you just generally get stuck in the wall without a chance to get out. The thing that happens the most is the first mentioned, getting instant killed.


4. Objective markers not always showing up in sabotage, giving you times where you hit a dead end.


5. Warframes staring sidewise into the air when aiming, or whenever in combat. Also the neck moving without the head following is a minor problem.

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