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Regular Weapons Still Showing When Viewing Archwing In Arsenal


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Title. I'm viewing my archwing loadout, and yet my standard primary, secondary, and melee weapons are still showing and are in my hand for some reason. And devs, please start fixing more of these bugs, so that I can stop reporting them and start enjoying U15 more. No offence. Seriously. You guys are great. Just fix more of these damned bugs, please. :P 

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I don't know if you noticed but it's WEEKEND! You can't expect devs working on Saturday and Sunday...


They will fix all those bugs as soon as possible.

Or they won't.


We report glitches all the time, it's like throwing them into Limbo's hat and having DE pick three a day and randomly fix stuff or make it worse ;)


Oh, and we still have stats like wall jump attack for Archwing melee.

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