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Archwing Interception Not Giving Out Rewards.


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Hey, so basically I played until Round 8 on Earth - Epro and Corvas Barrel showed up at Round 4, then Corvas Reciever at Round 8.


So I extracted but in the end-screen I only saw Corvas Barrel, and in my inventory I only have the Barrel as well...


I talked to the clan mates that were with me and one told me he recieved both parts, and that another person in our team didn't recieve both parts as well... so something is wrong here.



EDIT: So it has to do with host migration yes. Like Ivelor says if there is a host migration you lost everything you have achieved on the previous rounds... Needs to be fixed asap :/

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Instead of opening a new thread i'll write here

Happened to me a similar thing

Team of 4, arch interception. Between round 3 and 4 one of the others disconnects

There's a host migration

At the end of the 4th turn we get out with Corvas reward, but without rewards 1 2 and 3. Those were 3 normal mods. Nothing important but reporting anyway

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Every time I get to round 8 I do not get the reward. I have lost 2 blades and a receiver thanks to that. also I went to round 9 to see if that would work but had a host migration and lost every reward up to round 9. this really needs to be fixed

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