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Game Appears To Lock/freeze For 20 Seconds When Closing Menus


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I noticed a consistent ~20 second Lock/Freeze when picking up items from Foundry, or exiting the Armory Screen AFTER looking at an item's Upgrade Menu.  This first started occuring a couple weeks ago... that'd be what... 3 or 4 minor fixes before Update 15?


Video of bug: http://youtu.be/H3AGXUqKGAc

DXDiag: https://gist.github.com/CptSpaceToaster/9e556beea53d01bb1d96


Should I poke anything with a stick?  I havn't tried anything yet.



Edit. To be exceedingly clear, this happens every time I mess with my mods, or anytime I pick up an item from the foundry.  If I simply open and close the menu's, then the halt does not occur.


Edit. Edit. Also occurs when I change my audio settings and "confirm".

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