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Ai (Ordis) U15 Archwing Mission's


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Some of you might know or not if you have played Other where Aerial combat is involved for example (Ace online)

while Killing greneer and corpus Some of the have a lock on you (you never know when a missile is coming at you)

what i just like to hear from ordis is (Operator Missile incomeing) / or just a annoying Beeping sound when a Missile is

homeing at you're &#! ... so i am alert to trigger the Flare's or the Smoke 


(Raders) Do something on it tons of complain and feed back im not going on that  :3

here is a Potato



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Thought about that too. Just not like Navi in Zelda game's pls :D 

still would be awesome to have that feature.


Also hearing Boneless - from Steve Aoki while looking at that potato, somehow is creepy and awesome at the same time xD 

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