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Fov, Mouse Acceleration And Other Things That Warframe Just Refuses To Do Right


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What is the average estimated number of devstreams, hotfixes and updates needed for DE to acknowledge that WTF I STILL CAN'T CHANGE FOV IN THE LISET!

Can someone please tell me why the game is so strictly forbidding the FOV slider to affect the FOV in the liset at all?
Actually no. I know exactly why the FOV in the Liset is fixed. It's because holo panels. Not the alerts panel or the news panel, but the foundry and modding panels.
Those panels aren't simple UI elements drawed on the screen, they are actual pieces of geometry being rendered right in front of the camera. If the FOV was customizable, people would run in awkward situations with some of those elements being shrinked to non-legibility or enlarged off the screen.

Solution? Composite off-screen rendering. Render the interior of the Liset with whatever fov, then render the panel with default/fixed fov. Alpha-blend the two layers together.

I can't really think of any other logical excuse for that not happening. Is that for performance?
Ah. Performance. Fun fact: there are moments in the Liset where you have lower FPS than any heavy-battling situation.
Perhaps the FOV is carefully crafted to make all texts in the Liset always visible? Lol. If that was the case, the right click zoom function would have been thought a little bit more... You know, cranking up its value 2x-3x is prolly still too conservative. Don't even let me start on how that would benefit the dojo.

I find it amusing how Warframe has managed FOV and screen resolution over time. U14 was specificately designed with 16:9 in mind... And that's it.
After 24 hours since the update the DE headquarters were like "So, people are actually using monitors with aspect ratios different that 16:9? What a silly world!" And after a couple of hotfixes most of the UI elements were converted to take into account both height and width of the specified ratio. While this fixed issues with UI elements falling outside the screen for most 16:10, 4:3 and 5:4 users, now all the UI elements on those ratios look weirdly compressed in the x direction. Fine.


(Images in spoilers cause otherwise they take too much space.)


Another issue that may or may not be related to FOV is the weird displacement of waypoints/markers in the HUD if you scale the HUD elements up to max. See image above.

So Warframe loves narrow FOVs and 16:9, the Liset FOV is locked at a... 60° cone for 5:4? More or less? And even if you max out the FOV slider you get just barely enough coverage for most situations in-game... For most situations.

Now with Archwing... Eheh, WOw, an actual 3D battle! Finally a situation where having a 5:4 monitor can make a difference! I... I just can't enjoy archwing battles with at max 90° of FOV. I'm not even sure how much actually is but its not enough. It was already just barely enough for ground battles. And no, placing the camera further away from the character does not count as "more FOV".

I will switch to yet another thing I want to forcefully shove up your optic nerve.

There is no mouse acceleration option in Warframe. Most people dislike it, but I'm staying neutral on the matter for this simple reason: a properly implemented mouse acceleration can be better than no mouse acceleration at all. How you correctly implement mouse acceleration? Listen here carefully...


... mouse acceleration may not be a on/off thing. It can be a slider, effectively controlling exactly how much acceleration you want.

Mouse input and Warframe don't go really well together, just like FOV. Do you remember at update 10-11 how stressful it was to move the mouse while in the solar map? With that evil mouse smoothing of sorts? That was painful. Thank trinity it didn't apply to actual gaming. For a split second, DE actually once removed mouse smoothing and turned on acceleration while being in the UI. Since everybody was very happy about this, in U14 DE reintroduced mouse smoothing in the Liset holo panels, causing people to eat their own knees to handle it.

Right now, we have both mouse smoothing turned on by default and mouse acceleration turned off by default. Even in the Liset.

It's ludicrous that in U15 they added the search bar for the mods... oh my. with that mouse smoothing and the lack of acceleration I will never ever find confortable dragging the mouse down to that tiny box and then click and then type and then press enter. I'd rather go full mouse wheel at this point.

Solution: press a key and see the mod list magically scroll to the mods beginning with that letter. Oh wait. There is no such a thing.

OK... I was being relatively calm so far... But now, the thing I'm going to tell you is just mind-melting.

Sooo, in U15 alerts/invasions shortcuts were implemented in the navigation console. It's, well, a good thing after all right? ... RIGHT? I mean, now you can click on the alerts and all right?

Yes it is. Of course... It's a... step in the right direction...


Bring a minimalistic reticle in the liset and let the player just aim onto an alert on that fancy holo-panel and... CLICK!!

YOu know why I'm that upset about it? It's because THEY ALREADY DID IT! IT HAS ALREADY BEEN IMPLEMENTED!



IT'S IN THE NEWS PANEL!!! And... and they just can't do the neural connection that what they did with the news can also be done for... EVERYTHING inside the Liset! ALSO WITHOUT HAVING TO PRESS X in front of whatever! You can click on an alert while standing in front of the codex! or the market! JUst turn around and CLICK you are now on that Catalyst alert that expires in 10 seconds. You can put an option to enable/disable it if someone hates it so much. Come oooon.

And this isn't even caps lock. I actually kept the left shift key down. I'm THAT hardcore... and THAT concerned.

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