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Selling New Archwing Stuff

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Corvas Shotgun:
Barrel 2x
Receiver 2x
Stock 3x

Onorix Axe:
Handle 2x


Venomous clip (toxin damage, uncommon) 1x
Combustion rounds (fire damage, uncommon) 1x
parallax scope (crit chance, common) 2x
magazine extension (magazine size, common) 2x

Glacial edge (ice damage, uncommon) 1x
Bleeding edge (Crit damage, common) 2x
Extend (Melee range, common) 3x
Cutting edge (damage, common) 2x

Energy inversion (shield, common) 2x
Argon plating (Armor, common) 3x

Willing to trade for Onorix blade 1x

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