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Do You Know What Would Make This Game Even Better?


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That's right, with this in game it would add so much more endgame content like more credit farming and using more weapons cause your other ones broke! Here's how it would work:

Every warframe, weapon and pet has durability, this is set at a max of 100% every mission makes your max durability drop by 1.5% every mission and if it falls below 75%, then all your stats drop by 50%. If you don't repair it before it drops to 50% then you lose half your mods and your potato as well. And if you still don't repair it before it drops to 0% then your weapon/warframe breaks, all the mods on it are lost and you also lose your weapon/warframe slot, along with a mastery rank cause you know why the heck not?

But fear not!

You can repair all your items and warframes, by buying a repair kit for the low, low, low prices of only 500,000 credits or 500 plat, now remember this kit only repairs 10 percent of the durability, to get one that restores full durability you have to pay 1,000 plat.

Overall i think this idea could really improve gameplay and make the game much better then it really is.

Ps. Im kidding :>

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