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Hello there, just came back from my test run of Archwing, and i must say, I LIEK DIS SHEET *cough*


Still, while playing my first Archwing mission (the one in the quest), i noticed something  (or should i say the lack of something ?) that would have been useful : indicators that let me know the relative position of nearby enemies, you know, those little arrows around your reticle that let you know if enemies are above/below/on your sides and allow you to retaliate much, MUCH faster. Aside from that, it felt really fun to fly around in space to shoot and slash at things that fly around in space too


On archwings (the piece of gear, not the update nor the missions), i must say that it really bother me to put Redirection/Vitality/Steel Fiber/Vigor on my frame just to get their bonuses, it's cool since it allows you to get higher shields/health/armor without even using mods on your Archwing, but it also means you must put those mods on your frame, and since i'm maining Loki, it's a bit of a problem you see (AND THE FIRST ONE TO SAY I NEED TO PUT VITALITY ON LOKI, GET THE F- OUT, thank you)

Yes, i know, i can use a dedicated loadout to switch from regular to archwing mod setup with ease, but i'm afraid that someday we'll get hybrid missions where it starts as a regular mission and finish as an archwing one


As for the rest, well, a lot of people already said what i wanted to say (notably on syndicates), and i'll probably update this post when i get to try Limbo



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I loathe it. It's just more grind stacked on top of a mountain of grind, with a side serving of farming OH AND SOME MORE GRIND. Let's review update day: First you download it, naturally. Then you want to check out that new frame probably, because hey it looks pretty cool. So you start the quest and WHOOPS, you need Archwing. Oh well, so you start the Archwing quest instead. After fighting with RNG to get the specific parts you need, you wait six hours for them to craft, then another 36 hours to actually make the Archwing.


Now you can go do that first mission, you blast past all the enemies because it's not ACTUALLY an exterminate mission, and then you get into space. "I can go fast and shoot things now", you think to yourself. WRONG! Here's an energy barrier that halts all progress until you chip away at an enemy with your Rank 0 gear while getting pelted by other enemies with no frame abilities to protect yourself with. And of course doing well is no guarantee you'll actually complete the mission, because you can always get stuck inside an invisible wall or pass into some random black void and be forced to restart. After doing the Archwing quest you can start building Limbo. ONE. PART. AT. A. TIME. That's 4.5 days of waiting in and of itself. So I guess you can look at some of the other things they added.


What else? Oh, syndicates. Even more grind so you can get access to ability mods, it's hundreds of hours of "content". How exciting. Oh, but they also added some new corrupted mods, all of which save for one are either useless or outright hindering, and even that one mod is only decent on a couple of frames. Let's not forget all those new R10 mods, so you can spend thousands of R5 fusion cores, millions of credits, and hundreds of hours maxing them too. And of course there's the countless amount of bugs that should make anyone who invested plat into rushing this stuff feel thoroughly awful about doing so.


I can only hope that this doesn't get me sent to the forum equivalent of the gulag, but I really feel strongly about this and it kills me to see a game with so much potential getting stuffed with more pointless bloat.

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