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This Should Be Statistically Impossible


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Disclaimer: I'm frustrated right now




Saturn, 9 waves, fighting level 60+ enemies. No keys.


I refuse to continue to play this game if this is considered "acceptable." You can't hide behind Archwing mode, new cool weapons, awesome visuals, and "stacking" rewards. I see through it all.


Stop choking me for resources. Stop cutting off my life support in survival missions. Stop limiting my key acquisition. Stop hyper-scaling enemies in Intercept missions.


Stop it. It's not fun. I play for fun. This is not fun.


Let me play where I want to play, when I want to play, for how long I want to play, or I'll find a game that will.


P.S. Ammo Drum is not a reward.


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Low level mods and mid-level mods were taken out of higher level excavation missions, almost only rare mods drop there, I don't see why that doesn't apply to these missions as well.

A selling point.


Can I also mention that Archwing Interception doesn't reward Archwing mods? I know there are fewer mods, but really?

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I'm looking back at the thread after some introspection and with a cooler head. I still do not like the lack of a guaranteed key drop. The Void is bad enough as it is without adding this layer to it. Accumulative rewards were supposed to alleviate some of the grind. All you did was make it worse.

The rule of Loss Adversion for humans states that I will feel more intense about losing this key-guarantee than I will feel towards getting a lucky 3 key run, or my 4 run Corvas gathering. It's true, too. I didn't feel accomplished when I luckily got all 4 Corvas parts, but I sure as hell felt cheated when I didn't get a key after fighting waves of 40-60 level Grineer.

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I agree though. Why ammo drum is in mid to high tier missions is beyond me.

Then again, that kind of backwards logic has been on and off as far as DE is concerned (T1 keys as for rewards T1 missions.)

That being said I think this is a bug as you used to be guaranteed a key at wave 15.

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For clarification, this was an Intercept mission, which had a high chance for a T4 key drop at wave 3, 4, 5, 6, etc etc. Now I have to go to wave 9 for 3 chances instead of wave 5. Reward stacking hurt more than they helped.

Wrong, it's every 4th wave. AABC, same as survival rewards.

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