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Trinity Well Of Life: Is It Effective?


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Well of life is definitely trinity's most overlooked ability.  However, lately I've been exploring new trinity builds but I've been having trouble trying to find where well of life fits into builds for trinity and how it could possibly help the team on missions.  This is mostly due to the following:


1:  Well of life increases enemy damage reduction


This mostly a good thing, as it allows teammates to get health from the enemy, and not have to worry about killing them too quickly.  However, once a teammate uses up the healing pool that well of life provides, he or she will get no benefit for shooting the enemy, and the enemy just becomes a godlike bullet sponge.


Suggestion for fix:  Make the enemy take full damage from a player once the player has hit his/her well of life healing cap.  This would allow the ally the healing and then dispatch the enemy quickly, which would really help for boss fights, as that is when the usage of well of life is most applicable. (because everyone is shooting at the same enemy.)


2:  Well of life is not re-usable until the enemy either dies or the duration ends


This ends up being a huge problem when combined with the aforementioned damage reduction.  In a nutshell, the problem is that, in a high level mission where enemies have high amounts of health, once everyone on the team has hit their healing cap the trinity has to wait a long time to recast the ability as the enemy probably isn't dead yet and the ability cannot be recast until the enemy dies or the duration of it ends.  In addition, the trinity player cannot just try to decrease the duration of well of life, as that affects the duration of damage reduction that the team can get from a well timed blessing cast.


Suggestion for fix:  Either use the fix for problem 1 or change the way that the casting for well of life works.  This could be done by well of life not only having a duration but also a toggle, so the trinity player could turn off well of life prior to the ability running out of time.  It could also be fixed by allowing the trinity player to recast well of life on another enemy, thereby getting rid of the well of life cast on the original enemy and now the new enemy is now the target of well of life.


3:  Well of life puts a huge emphasis on communication between the trinity and other team members


This is by no means a problem for teammates that have built their own team and then queued up for a match, however it is a huge problem for matchmaking missions, where the teammates are not all in a third party chat program (ie: Teamspeak or Skype).  This is because the only way for well of life to be effective for the rest of the team is for the trinity to communicate that he/she is casting well of life on a specific enemy thereby allowing his/her teammates to locate the enemy and grab health from him.  This is a huge problem when members of the team have voice chat turned off and the only way to communicate to them is to type, which is not very effective in Warframe's fast-paced shooter setting.


Suggestion for fix:  The best way to fix this would be when trinity casts well of life on an enemy, there would be a special way point put on the enemy, similar to when a player would create a way point when looking at an enemy, however it could be green and read "Well of Life" or something similar, therefore easily communicating to teammates that well of life has been cast and which enemy it has been cast on.



Overall, well of life, in its current state, has no real applicable use.  It's past time that it was due for a change, and hopefully D.E. will take into the mentioned problems with well of life's current state and possible fixes for these problems.

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Well of life is better used on heavy Targets in conjunction with Energy Vampire as a damage combo.

With Blessing and/or Rejuvenation (Her D-polarity Aura) Well of life is a placeholder healing ability until other abilities are unlocked.

But casting Energy Vampire when Well of Life's Increased Enemy Health multiplier is about to end allows for Energy Vampires final slash Proc to be grossly inflated. (Calculating percentage of health based on the inflated Health pool from Well of Life)

Making it more situational like most Warftame 1st abilities. I would say it is balanced in this aspect.

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So do you see it more relevant as an assisting ability to energy vamp than it is as just a strict healing ability?  If that's the case it definitely seems like it would be viable against bosses with a heavily reduced duration.  Thanks for build ideas.

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So do you see it more relevant as an assisting ability to energy vamp than it is as just a strict healing ability?  If that's the case it definitely seems like it would be viable against bosses with a heavily reduced duration.  Thanks for build ideas.

My pleasure if it inspired boss ideas.

Usually that would have been the 1 power of Trinity's that didn't make the cut because compared to Blessing it was not worth the slot and Energy was not much of an issue because Energy Vampire with Flow means plenty of power to spam cast.

But since you no longer need to justify slotting Well of Life - it fills a nice alternative to dealing damage with Trinity by using some Ability Synergy.

Trinity basically can shine best with alternate durability mods - only needing Flow and Quick-Thinking. Flow complements her very well for ability spam. Link grants her protection from Disrupters so she can still utilize Quick-Thinking without having her energy vanishing. Which means she if free to spam Energy Vampire to stay topped off with Energy. Quick-Thinking +Blessing cast makes it easy mode survivability. (Bleeding key drops her to 71 health so you can reach 2 health basically when Shields deplete.)

Only build compromise to debate is whether you want negative duration for Energy Vampire and Well of Life combo or the more common extended duration builds for Link and Blessing and then just adjust Well of Life and Energy Vampire timing....

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