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Rank Up Button Missing


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I'm Literally ready for mastery test 8, i dont know if its just the rank 8 test but it seems the ability to begin the test has been disabled, without getting to the next rank, leveling up warframes and weapons is essentially useless as nobody can gain mastery points doing so, as this is a major part of the game naturally it would be a high priority issue, from what ive asked ingame nobody cares, it's a great game but now myself and an unsure amount of people are going to be stuck at the rank they last acheived


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I had the exact same problem (5 --> 6). I think the "Next rank in 0" thing is bugged. Go by the bar you see when you hover over your icon on the top left. Once the bar is filled up, you will see the rank up button on the drop down. 


So basically, keep playing. 

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Moving to UI bug after a discussion with Pablo.


The Profile screen and Squad overlay are displaying different information in terms of how full the rank up bar is. This bug is being investigated now for a fix.


Thank you to LunskEE for providing these screenshots:

Profile screen:



Squad overlay:



This UI disparity is why players cannot rank up when attempting from the profile screen. Please hang tight as we work on fix! 

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I have enough Mastery Points to rank up but I can't because the rank up button is missing

Read the whole topic.


You don't have enough Mastery, the bar is showing incorrect amount. When you'll get the sufficient Mastery - the button will appear.

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