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Archwing Enemies And Fusion Cores


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Hello all

I recently went through an Archwing Sabotage mission against corpus, in an attempt to complete some Codex scans, and what I found out was a little ridiculous.

All of the Archwing enemies seemingly have 2 Archwing mod drops... ontop of that, they all have 2 types of Fusion core drops. Uncommon, and Common.
I've also noticed that Fusion Cores seem to have a much higher chance to drop than said mods (in my experience)

I propose this be changed, so that the enemies only have a chance to drop ONE type of core. This will allow us even a chance to get the Archwing mods.

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Your change is not enough, drops in space is very very bad, I rarely see when these drop, we are in a huge map, were these mods are hard to see, they can be up or down, or very far; I even have passed by some I did not catch, cause I didn't went exactly right thru them.

And yet these enemies drop cores too...


So, this needs a huge improvement.

And some kind of space carrier will be in demand for this system to work.

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