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Wtt Random Bits For You Random Bits & Mods

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so, I'm a collector of sorts and while playing i have come across a mound of random bits. I am more than willing to trade my item(s) for something else of at-least equal value.Be it mods, prime parts or platinum. there are also some items i particularly wish to acquire and may be worth more than their average value.

CTRL+F to find something in particular. PM me in game or via steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/NWBS/)

Bear with me on picture links, links straight from steam aren't supported



energy channel R0

Eleventh storm R0 or maxed

fracturing wind R0

Gemini cross R0

Hammer shot R0

Natural talent R0

pistol pestilence R0

Steady hands R0

sundering strike R0

Vital sense R0 x2

Virulent scourge R0

Prime parts

Bo Bp

Bo ornament x2

boar bp

Boar receiver

boltor barrel x2

boltor receiver

Boltor stock x2

Braton BP

Burston Barrel

Burston Receiver

Dakra Handle X2

Fang blade x4

fang handle

Frost helm

Frost chassis

Latron BP X2

Latron Barrel x3

Latron stock x2

Lex barrel x2

Loki BP x2

Mag BP

Mag chassis

Mag helm

Mag systems x2


Orthos blade

Paris lower limb

Reaper handle x2

Sicarus barrel X3


WTT for

Glaive blades or bp

paris upper limb

one Hikou pouch

Nyx helm, chassis or bp

scindo handle and blade

Mods (expand)

Fire + status mods

Electric + status mods

Ammo stock


Brutal tide

Corrupt charge

Cleanse corpus

Creeping bulseye

Crusting ruin

Contagious spread

continuous misery

critical deceleration

Dead eye

Enemy sense

Enduring strike

Frail momentum

Gnashing payara

Heavy caliber

Hawk eye

Hollow point

Incindeary coat

infseted impedience

Jagged edge

Lingering torment

Letal momentum

Lasting sting

Magnum force

Malicious raptor


Pointed wind



Rapid resilience

Ruinous Extension

Seismic palm

Stalking fan

sheild flux

shock absorbers

shotgun scavenger

sinsiter reach

Smite corpus

steel charge

sure footed

Tainted clip

transient fortitude

terminal velocity

vicious spread

Vile acceleration

Warriors grip


Additional Links

My Clan, all welcome

My trading post

If i don't reply contact me via steam, im more likely to notice them there

My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NWBS

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