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Archwing Update(Mod Slots)


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Ok  not trying to be negative, just going to state how my type of playing style is affected by the mod slots..


I do like that the warframes come with their abilities now.


But the way I built my warframe, I actually am negatively affected by it. I have lost 2 to 3 slots now, cause I only used 1 or maybe 2 abilities as a slot and polarized into more slots for other things...


So this update actually made the game worse for me :-(


It don't even really make sense to farm for PRIMES now for me.. Cause when I look at my reg RHINO and my PRIME. Its the same polarity... Not sure if there is any motivation here anymore for PRIMES..

I just don't want the game to get dry for me, and it seems to me its going that way, ;-(



So my warframe are actually weaker for me, the way I like to build my warframes ..:-(

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Your math is wrong. You actually lost 1 or 2 slots depending on whether you used 1 or 0 abilities.


As usual, the fallback excuse for this is that it's a BETA.


As for my opinion, I'd sacrifice those 2 mod slots any day for the added flexibility this update has granted me on some frames.

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The base Rhino Prime has an additional - polarity compared to the base Rhino, though in all Prime you could always change the polarities to be the same (including before the update). Besides, Rhino Prime has superior stats compared to Rhino. Also, you could not have lost 3 slots, as only 2 slots were removed (the other 2 lost their polarities unless you had forma'd them in which they remain the same).

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This has been recognised by the Devs but they felt that everyframe should be unique in that they MUST have all four abilities at once. So to compensate they got rid of two ability slots.

This was felt with rage (From posters that have situations much like your own), but also with much love (As those that use all abilities), many were worried by their forma usage.

In the end it is DE's decision on the matter, it's actually apart of the EULA you agreed to when you made the account.

Appologies for the work and effort you had for making your build, but it's felt in many different ways through many different players.

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