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Color Pallet Glitch/exploit


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This Glitch will allow you to get any color you want without needing to purchase any of the color pallets given time. UPDATE: 4.10 Not patched 
Step 1: Equip said item you wish to color 
Step 2: Select appearance 
Step 3: Choose Primary, Secondary, ETC. 
Step 4: Take your mouse off the color pallet 
Step 5: You get a random color or the same color you had 
Step 6: Re-equip and repeat till you get the colors you want 

-You will get a lot of black 
-You may not get a new color everytime, but everytime you do this you should check all the slots (Primary, Secondary, ETC.) to see if you got a new color in said slot 
-I don't know how to get a specific color, but I theorize it is some sort of equation combo of your current colors, or just a missing no.

Text came out like that because I copy pasted this from a steam guide I made trying to contact this support. Please contact me at my email frankmail.fs@gmail.com or on my steam if you need evidence of this.

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You are a whole lot of stupid.

1. This is the official Warframe forums with DE staff checking up on things

2. This is update 15.0.4, and that glitch was in update 4.10

3. This was patched

4. Exploits can effectively get you banned

5. False advertisement and trickery of other players is also a bad thing

6. Posting real life information (email)

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