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Mod Conflict Between Warframe Rifle And Sentinel Rifle.


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In Warframe we cannot have the same mod on two machines. I often use forma on my weapons/frames/sentinel-weapons having to level them up enough to run into the conflict. I have 2 rank 8 Serration mods to get around the sentinel's weapon and my weapon conflict.  If I chose one rank 8 Serration and it was being used by the sentinel I could just pick the other one and it would work.


This was working before the Archwing update.  While trying to mod up my Burston p I tried to put on the rank 8 mod, and the typical report that the Deth machine Rifle had it.  So I chose the second rank 8 mod and got the same report.


I went to Deth Machine screen and unequipped the serration mod from the sentinel.  I went back into the Burston-p and tried again with both of the mods to no avail. I went back to the Deth Machine and the weapon had the mod back in place as if I had not un-equipped the serration mod. 


I tried with the Laser p Rifle with the same results. It was only after un-equipping the Laser p Rifle for the Sweeper (There is no -none- choices for sentinel weapons.) was I was able to equip the serration-rank-8.  I re-equipped the Deth Machine without a problem, and can now go on missions.


UI suggestion - Give us a -none- choice for sentinel weapons.


Another UI suggestion to the ever obnoxious dual-weapon conflict message is that when a mouse over of a mod happens that a list of where it is equipped would be nice, or a RMB for the list might be nice.

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if you have multiple Loadouts for a Sentinel Weapon, it probably has both copies of Serration on it between the Loadouts.



and yes, icons showing that a Mod is:

- equipped on a Weapon

- equipped on a Sentinel


can only make sense, and reduce conflicts.




worse still, the autoresolve of conflicts is garbage. i have like, 12 upgraded Split Chambers, yet i still get conflict notices all the time.


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