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Invisible Archewing Mission Enemies


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Playing Interception, and wondering why points are being taken/conflicted with there being nothing there. Then I see the red bubble that appears near the enemies that are doing the quick point flip ability, but centered on it is nothing there. Invisible enemies are flying around, capping points, and there is nothing I can do about it. This is a pretty big issue, so far only had it in Interception type missions. Makes them unplayable since I can't cap any points, what with them being infested with invisible enemies and all. Really hope this gets fixed.


Also a side note, also on AW mission enemies, they seem to be able to spawn extremely close to the player. Having enemies spawn within 10M, in sight, in hordes. Sitting around on a point waiting for the invisible enemy to leave, and about 10+ suddenly pop infront of me.

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