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Unbindable Dive


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In Archwing, my dive is ctrl.


Now, my sprint is rebound to my (rebound)sprint, my jump is my ascend(but I didn't rebind it), and my other rebound commands seem to work fine.


However, my "crouch" button is tab, and this does not translate.


Can we please have our crouch(and whatever else that might have slipped under) bound to our archwing commands?

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Already been reported like a million times, and yet its been 4 hotfixes, the most recent of which fixed controller keybindings, and yet nothing has been done.

Wondering if they intend to fix it.

Well, they effed up the keybindings on controllers, so they're probably working mostly on that(it seemed quite severe, and they were "working on it"). So there may not be anyone in the proper department available to fix it.

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