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My Short Feedback On U15


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U15, i mostly like it. There are several threads with most prominent problems, this one is more about things that i find annoying.


- Bleedout timer in AW interception should be at least 2x longer. By nature of the game mode, all tenno are spread out all over the map. And it take more than 15 sec to get from one capture point to another, resulting in guaranteed death in every single case.


- In turbo mode, warframe is almost dead center on the screen, combined with blinding fx effects from engines, it is very hard to see what is in front of tenno, resulting in frequent collisions. Especially in trench run.


- Mods and pick up should have their own lens flare type FX to make them better see from distance. Also, pick up radius could be larger, it still quite small. Perhaps, all pick ups and downed tenno could have sphere of interaction do display where i can safely interact with the object/tenno. Something similar like planets have in navigation screen, perhaps less glossy. Few fellow players died because other it took long time for other players to find the spot where they could revive.


- Mod drop rates are very small and plagued by very common mods. fast hands, really?


- I maybe wrong about this, but i got the feeling that primary AW weapon is much more effective at long-mid distance than up close. This is based only on few cases, but there i could mow down half the squadron from distance and then nearly got killed when i got close and couldn't kill them fast enough.




- why is sentinel not present during AW missions?

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