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Conflicting Archwing Bindings


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Interesting note: you can ascend while sprinting as archwing, but you can't descend while sprinting. Want to know why this is? The descend key is the hold crouch key, which, for inexplicable reasons was used for the space slide as opposed to the toggle crouch button. Further thoughts on this are here, but I felt this deserved full bug status.


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I can't play the archwing missions properly, because my "activate power" bind is space, which for archwing is "up".


I can't find any archwing bindings in the controls, so I can't change it. I either have to do the archwing missions with no abilities, or change the entire way I play (totally not happening).


Also, for some reason, it now complains that I have crouch hold not bound. I don't care! I never use it! But it won't let me leave it as unconfigured. Had to Alt-F4.


Hope this gets fixed soon, archwing is unworkable for me atm.

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