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Plz Explain Syndicate Rep Gain



So I've read posts saying you can get tons of Rep doing the missions like Sechura, ODD or any of the other defenses survivals. I've seen people say that they got 1600-2600 rep from ODD wave 50 or 500 rep for sechura around wave 15 can someone help me make sense of this. I've done sechura and only got around 150 rep for 15 waves and as for ODD 50 waves was around 850 rep so are all these people using affinity boosters or am I just doing something wrong because so far this has been a very long and tiring grind just to get to rank 1. Any information on this would be appreciated as it isn't making sense at all for me.

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Only the affinity earned (even after hitting 30) by your frame is taken into consideration.


Unequipping all but one weapons and companion can make you get even double the points.


Also, later, better, more expensive Sigils give you a multiplier to Standing earned.

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A portion of affinity earned is translated as reputation points.


This means affinity boosters will double your rate. I've also heard that equipping only one weapon lets you gain more as well.

It's all about the experience earned by your Warframe so yes, removing weapons and companions will help as what you earn won't be split down as much, other then that I've heard to many ideas on what exactly goes into determining the Rep gain to toss anything more out there but the common idea being More Exp = More Rep, Less Items = More Core XP

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-Equip only one weapon to increase your Affinity rate.

-Play in a full squad

-Run Cerberus Pluto for better success.

-Make sure your Sentinel doesn't have the Attack mod on.



This isn't true.


Initiate > Associate > Senior Associate, all sigils give the exact same reputation gain.


There was a video proving that upgraded Sigils do not increase your rep gain, so I agree w/ this statement.

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In a nutshell, maximize your affinity gain in any way you can. High enemy density works in your favor.


I've tried to establish a rep/affinity ratio by myself and couldnt and from what i saw in the forums nobody understands the numbers fully yet.

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