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Ash Build For Update 15



So recently I got back into warframe and I noticed a lot of changes, especially with the little Archwing update. I really enjoy using my Orthos prime on all factions because it absolutely demolishes, and although I like my Frost Prime more, I am starting to use Ash a lot more with his invis and all. I used to have a decent Ash build, but because of Update 15 I am looking for a better one. Mind helping me? :3

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Here's how I play Ash (build is awkward due to my mistake):



Fleeting Expertise (Rank 6)

Streamline (Rank 3)

Natural Talent




Intensify (will be replaced with augmentation)


I felt that the 2k dmg is enough for me, and it does me well after 1+ hour in Void Survivals since the longer duration makes me invincible longer. I also have an 8 sec invis so that I can rez people safely.


If you want a pure dmg build, check out Calypso's Ash Bladestorm build. It's a lot better than mine, in terms of power, and you won't need to change the build at all really (unless you wanna use the augment mod).

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