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New Resource When Water Tilesets Come Out


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I came up with this while watching stuff on youtube and the new resource is only in water tilesets and its a mineral that can be used in new weps such as my secondary concept (Kuroi) and the only way you can get it is to drill it out like cryotic or from grineer miners.calling it shaakin and the resource is very common and the grineer miners drop it a lot and theres a low chance for it to drop in excavation but in excavation if you drill it out you get 1000 for the rarity


lore (sorta) Cantis "Tenno The red Veil have found a resource that requires an excavator.This is because the resource is under every water base the grineer have made.We found this out because a curious member dug out dirt under the water and found a green gold metal.This has made us make weapons that the tenno,grineer,corpus, or even the infested could make.Here is 300 of the metal.Also our grineer spies heard the grinner calling it Shaakin.So call it that"





the amount you can get is 50-500 which is really common 




EDIT:calling it Shaakin (grineer name)

EDIT:added lore (sorta)



If you can make art for it you can just ask me then ill give permission 


if theres anything else i need to add tell me :D

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I'd like to see some bit of lore that would make this an actual "important" resource.  Oxium had its "weightless-ness" for its durability, cryotic for its ... freezing....ness... thing ....


What application does/will this specific resource actually have?

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its common so it shouldnt hurt your resource stuff + its in excavation and from grineer miners

That's exactly the problem. Too many common resources. Seriously, how much alloy plating and nanospores do we all have? We don't need another junk-pile resource like that. 


I should be able to build my own small frigate given how much crap I have...

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