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Archwing Really Needs To Utilize More Warframe Mods, Especially Energy Efficiency


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not sure who thought flying around in archwing mode being constantly bombarded with infinite nonstop homing missiles was a great place to give archwing a limited amount of countermeasures =[


additionally, considering that frontal melee atks in archwing mode demolish the enemies, the odonata's shield is awful, the guys in front of me are NOT my problem, its the thousands of rounds im taking in my back while melee'n the guy in front of me (and since you cant shoot thru the shield, it serves only to let yer shlds recharge? i dunno)


the imperator archwing rifle has infinite recharging ammo, i dunno why, but ok, i think it would be better to have just given us 5000 rounds or some such, maybe make the rifle have a bit more punch, but once you run out, its melee time


the archwing itself however does NOT have recharging energy reserves, even though that would make MUCH MORE SENSE =/


the more i play archwing mode, the more i fail to understand why other warframe mods could not be in effect, as it severely gimps the archwing play experience


i get it, DE wanted to dump another bunch of identical replica "archwing mode" mods on us that do the exact same things, but differently


they STILL could have done that, but just tweak the numbers and have the archwing mods function like the kubrow mods, by taking a percentage gain from the base warframe and combine with the archwings 

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Yes, other warframe mods really need to have an impact. Right now, the only two frames worth taking along are Valkyr or Rhino (and possibly Zephyr) because of their huge shields and health. Other attributes don't matter at all, so any non-tanky frame is going to be at a disadvantage.


It also causes the need for specific Archwing loadouts for your Warframe. Going to do an Archwing mission? Well, you're going to want to switch to your loadout with Fast Deflection, Fortitude, Flow, Redirection, Steel Fiber, Vigor, and Vitality if you want to get the most out of it. Anything else is a waste.


That's not a build I would EVER choose in normal play.



Doesn't Rage function in Archwing?


I tried it, and it didn't work for me.

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