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I Should Start A Lost And Found


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This and everything else in the mission has made it one of my favorite interactions in-game to date. This is also a feature I've secretly been wanting for a while now, only thing is I have no idea what causes it.

Has anyone else encountered this yet? what are your thoughts?


(sorry if this should go in a different sub-forum, can't think of a better one)

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This seems almost too perfect XD and it's the tamer when he throws the mace that diasarms you.


So thats how he does it! They never lasted long enough to throw it at me so I never had a chance to find out.


I hope there is an enemy in the future that steals it and uses it against you. I think the community concept winner for the grineer enemy had that trick to it, seriously can not wait.

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Play Limbo:


"Hello there good sir; you seem to have misplaced your weapon of mass destruction."

"Do not fret, I have it right here. Simply arrive here in a timely fashion and retrieve it my good man."


-Glares at Drahk Master-


"And you there sir; are a ruffian and a scoundrel!"

"Off to the rift with you; and your dastardly mongrels too!"


"You've saved the day Sherlock Homes Limbo!"

"Now please get me out of this dimension."


"All in a day's work."


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This actually reminds me of something that happened a few hours ago, during a level 25~ grineer survival run on pub setting. I was disarmed of my primary weapon (Latron Prime) and my secondary weapon (Lex Prime) a little while later. After retrieving my pistol, I found myself with two unranked guns, barely shaving off a millimeter's worth of health off of every single grineer that I met. The only thing I could rely on was my maxed Oberon. My melee weapon was rank 14 with no forma, so that wasn't getting me anywhere.


At the end of the mission (about 40 minutes), I was the lowest in almost every single category when the mission results came up. I was mastery rank 10 while everyone else were between 4-7. I was laughed at by the r4 person, which I believe was a Hydroid, for getting less kills than him.


Later, I proceeded in closing my warframe client and sat against a nearby corner, at home, to rethink my life's choices.

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