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Vile Acceleration For Archers



I'm a huge fan of using the bow, and I know a bunch of you others are as well, so I thought I'd raise some awareness for this mod.


Vile Acceleration is a corrupted mod gained from farming vaults on derelict missions.  It increases rate of fire, which for bows is draw time. This mod increases fire rate up to 90%, at a cost of -15% damage.  It's a 9-point mod, so it is literally a drop in replacement for the Speed Trigger that most of you are probably already using.  It gives an additional 30% bonus from the base rate of fire, which means your bow will draw as fast as if you were using Speed Trigger + Shred (i.e. fast) while costing half the points and only a single slot, with a bit of a loss in damage.


Personally I think it's worth it. Bows already do ridiculously high damage so they can pay this without becoming useless, and the increase in draw time is very noticeable.  What do you think?

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Sounds like this would go great with the Lanka, but with bows, it'll probably end up fully charging on a click lol.


On one hand, I think bows charge pretty quickly with Speed Trigger, but it'll definitely help for those situations where you find yourself in close-quarters and that first shot (somehow) didn't end up dropping the dude.

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