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Archwing "forward Roll"


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So we've got the classic barrel roll which is done by rolling sideways (not sure if scoping required), and the backflip by doing that backwards (not sure if scoping required)......


but what on earth is the forward roll?

Right now you just put your arms together, slowly, and then.....dive/float in the direction of the crosshair, slowly.


I dunno if this is a placeholder but please, change the forward rolling to something more.....flashy? practical?

Like a jet-ignition impulse maneuver? (basically a quick, forward "dash", kind of like the melee assist)

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I wasn't even aware that there was a forward maneuver. 

That's because you're John Prodman.



The only one I've found other than just a plain old roll has been an airbrake of sorts.

Uh, by "one" do you mean another alternative for this placeholder? (assuming it is a placeholder)


No proper introduction to Archwing controls...


I press shift+space and sometimes fly up, other time i dive downwards. No idea why so I guess it's a glitch.


Also, there is no zoom option in shooting mode, right?

Erm.....just hold right click like usual for zoom? Heck I still use my codex scanner out there (though it's a lot more difficult in the asteroid field)

No idea how you're diving with the spacebar though...


One little quirk I've found is that you can cancel the space-slide straight into a dive (and i think while boosting, but i use toggle sprint so...) the same way you do a somersault on foot


But yeah, DE needs to fix up some controls for archwing mode.

Especially the dive/rise keybinding issue.

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