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Archwing Mouse Sensitivity; Mouse Sensitivity Overall...


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Hi, I noticed in this game that mouse sensitivity is FoV dependent. This is just plain wrong, as sensitivity should not be based on FoV, Resolution (glad that's not in this game), or frame rate (also glad not in this game). In regular gameplay, the mouse sensitivity is what most of everyone is used to. In the liset, the mouse sensitivity is lower, and when piloting the Archwing, it is also lower. Should they not be the same?


Also, why is mouse sensitivity in bars instead of in a decimal that users can input? How do you guys expect to accommodate for people with higher mouse sensitivities that want to have better granularity in aiming and lower the in-game sensitivity? They cannot do that with the inadequate system of bars.


Such fundamental things, like fine-tuning mouse sensitivity, mouse sensitivity for each mode, or universal sensitivity, zoom sensitivity... Why are these things not adjustable?

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